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Step 1

Register and Update your Profile with Required Documents

You can login anytime with the OTP on your Mobile. Hence, Register with correct Mobile number.

Step 2

Report Default committed by your Buyer

Accurate information of your buyer will ensure that we contact at the correct email and Mobile with your buyer for an early resolution on your reported delayed payments.

The supporting documents to be uploaded by you related to default being committed by your buyer will enable us for an early approval of the default to be able to contact the buyer.

Step 3

We will contact the buyer for an early resolution of the reported default

We shall approach your buyer on your behalf for an early payment. Buyers have the liberty to submit their documents also.

Step 4

Due Diligence of any proposed customer

Now you have the power to conduct due diligence to know the credit behavior of your proposed customer before supplying any goods, providing any services or extending any credit.

Step 5

Submit and Share

After you report your default, Share it to your entire network.

Step 6

Conciliation, Negotiation and Arbitration

Our team of Professionals is available to you for any Conciliation, Negotiation and Arbitration process subject to consent of both the parties.

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“The recovery journey of my delayed payment began when I came to know about”

Settlement amount received by M.D.Yelapure, a Micro enterprise based in Kolhapur from a Goa based large corporate against their outstanding dues of Rs. 2,24,00,000.

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